RPAC Art Center and Academy



Where are you located?

RPAC is located at 424R Main Street in Downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut.  We occupy about 3,600 square feet on the 2nd Floor above 850 Degrees Wood Fired Restaurant. Any questions, contact us at 475-215-5740 or email us at info@RPACartcenter.com

Can I visit and tour the art center?

Absolutely! We welcome you to contact us at (203) 894-5609 to schedule a tour or email us at info@RPACartcenter.com.

What do you do at RPAC Art Center and Academy?

RPAC Art Center and Academy’s mission is to create, promote, and exhibit the working artist, emerging artist, and student while providing a supportive and creative environment.

The Art Center offers:

  • Studio Workspace – private and semi-private spaces available which include 24/7 access, security, storage, easels, disposal and utility sink, state-of-the-art computer room, Wi-Fi, and use of common areas and kitchenette
  • Memberships – an open studio membership gives you access to the open studio space during normal studio hours, which includes use of common areas, kitchenette, disposal and utility sink, state-of-the-art computer room, and Wi-Fi. There are other memberships options to choose from depending on your need and schedule.



The Academy creates a comprehensive preparatory program for both higher art education and career readiness.  Our qualified instructors are helping students become studio artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. Learn more about digital design, studio art, and our certificate programs. We offer in-person and online (virtual) classes and workshop available.

If you need to know more, we would love to hear from you email us.

What does RPAC stand for?

Become part of “R PAC” (sounds like “Our Pack”)  community of artists and students where we can create together and do what we love to do and even get paid for it.Why choose RPAC?

RPAC Art Center and Academy is here to provide all artists and students alike the support and resources to promote success. We offer an intensive, real-world applicable training in Digital and Studio Arts.  RPAC strives to create professionals in the arts that can make a living doing what they love!

Who are the instructors?

All our instructors either holds an Master in Fine Arts and/or have collectively over 30+ years of hands-on industry experience.

What is the difference between your programs?

Digital Design – learn using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.  The program is offered for all skill levels from the beginner who has never used these programs to advanced skills who is looking to continue their education and keep up with the latest and greatest, you can learn how to successfully navigate through each of the programs and help you excel in a digital career.


Studio Art – do you love to draw or paint? Should you use oils or acrylic paints? Do you want to learn more about the use of color or what techniques are use to help improve your brush stroke? These are only a few of the skills you can learn through this program.  Let RPAC help you develop and fine-tune your skills.  We can help you create, develop, and expand your portfolio for college applications and/or career readiness.  Not sure what medium you want to tap into? Our independent study sessions are built to fit your needs providing on-on-one guidance to help you magnify your talents.

Certification – New for Summer 2020, RPAC is here to help jump-start your career. Different curriculums offered depending on how far you want to go.  This encompasses both digital design and studio art into a curriculum-based learning tool whereby you will earn a certificate of completion for each program.  This would look very impressive on your resume!

How much does it cost to take a class or workshop at RPAC?

With the different programs offered as noted above, you can check them out here.

How do I join RPAC?

You contact us  to discuss your needs and schedule. Or you can sign up online for a class or workshop of your choose.

If I’m a member, can I bring a friend to work in the studio space with me?

You can bring a friend as a visitor to work in the studio space or in the common areas only if you are present.



How much does it cost to be a member?

There are different membership options to choose from. You can check them out here.

What is your workshop schedule?

You can find our digital workshop schedule here.

You can find our artists workshop schedule here.

Can I rent the studio space for working on my art project for a day?

Short answer is YES, but on a case-by-case basis – depends on how busy the studio is with our current artists and members. Email us and let us know about your project needs.

Is there a drop-in rate for the open studio and/or computer lab?

Short answer is YES, but it depends on how busy the studio and/or computer lab is with our current artists members. Email us and let us know about your project needs.

Can I have my own private event?

We only do culturally based events here and on a case-by-case basis. We typically do not do weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc. If you have an art event, are a non-profit or have an event that is culturally based please email info@RPACartcenter.com to tell us your needs and we’ll get back to you.

Do you accept proposals for art exhibits, non-profit or cultural events?

Yes we do!  Contact us and let us know about your proposal.


Can I have my band play at RPAC?

No, we are not a venue. Some of our events or fundraisers might have a band as a part of the evening, but we do not have bands play unconnected to an event.

Can I rent the space for a photo-shoot?

Short answer is YES, but we do not have a large separate enclosed space for shooting studio photography. If there were a private studio that is open, that would be available for use for a small fee.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we are glad to assist if possible.