Composition & Other Steps to a Successful Painting

Workshop Info: Composition is key to the success of any painting in order to stop the viewer in their tracks and increase its attractiveness and perceived value. Steve will provide the following techniques and hands-on exercises to put to practice: 1) Selecting a subject and composition 2) Choosing values and hues 3) Balance and space 4) Other tips for painting success

Date & Time: Thursday, July 22, 2021 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Instructor: Steve Liker

About the Instructor: Steve’s professional career has taken him to over 35 countries around the world where he experienced variations in art, design, and form. His paintings have been on exhibit in SOHO and Brooklyn, New York and Canterbury England, as well as locally. Over the past 50 years, Steve has learned through these techniques and strives to make each new painting the best he has ever created.

Supply List: Bring your imagination and creativity! A flash dDrive if you want a copy of the presentation. Sketching material supplied by the workshop.