From Thought to Creation

Workshop Info: Unlock your creative potential by engaging in a week-long workshop exploring creative techniques such as Zen Doodle, Storyboarding, color studies, and drafting to find your way to the desired completed piece of art. This technique is set up so that each day you come closer to your mind’s eye being able to translate your vision to the finished creation.

Day 1 (2 hours) Free Drawing / Writing
Day 2 (2 hours) Zen Doodle / Meditation
Day 3 (2 hours) Drafting/color study/storyboarding
Day 4 (2 hours) Create
Day 5 (2 hours) Create and Critique

Date & Time: Week of your choice | Monday – Friday | 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Instructor: Lily Fertik

About the Instructor: Lily has held many creative classes & workshops for children & adults for over 25 years. She received her Commercial Art/Advertising degree and has found her way back to fine art. During the course of her life, she has been drawn to and aware of how important & similar painting/drawing is to meditation as well as her connection with Mother Earth. Lily is inspired by her environment, people & her heart.

Supply List: All materials and supplies will provided.