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John BonSignore | April 1, 2021

John is an incredibly talented sculptor, he says this about his work.

“The design of my sculpture begins with a broad concept: a place, person, animal, or emotion. After paring away the inconsequential details, what remains is the unique core of my subject. The unprocessed forms of stone, and stainless steel are my primary mediums; like the ideas I am interpreting, they are clean and uncomplicated. 

The process is the same throughout my work; to capture that singular core that makes any place, feeling or living thing what it is. My sculptures become the physical representations of the essence of the subject.”

Tina Sturges | June 3, 2021

Tina Cobelle Sturges is best known for her radiant, colorful, and approachable paintings that blend small brush strokes with pointillist technique to animate the canvas and bring country and city landscapes to life. Her unique impressionist and folk art style, considered “romantic realism,” reflects her dedication to a bright palette, careful sensitivity to perceptible details and a commitment to harmoniously capturing the rhythm of daily human life in an engaging and authentic setting.

Sturges’ extensive portfolio of paintings demonstrates her ability to strike a balance between realistic and impressionistic genres. The signature of her style is her ability to draw upon the very nuances of a scene forming an emotionally calming interaction with the viewer.

Katushka Millones | August 5, 2021

Katushka explores the relationships between time, the process of aging, personal feelings and humor. She uses her paintings to tell stories of the beauty we can find in an old rusted object, like in “The Forgotten” series. She’s inspired by planet Earth, by the power of women, the colors of nature, and all the stories that make us humans.